Bima Amanta ExplorerItinerary

The following are examples of itineraries that can be carried out.
they include visits to the most exciting snorkeling spots , Tracking area , tour land , feeding fish , watching bird in the island of Raja Ampat.

Day 0 arrive in Sorong

Stay overnight in a hotel and prepare for departure early the next morning

Day 1 Sorong – Kabui Bay

07.00 you’ll be picked up at the hotel and taken to the boat by private transfer.

08.00 once all guests are onboard,we will leave the harbor to the first spot , Mioskon Island.

14.00 Snorkeling : Mioskon Island and Batu pinsil

19.00 rest in the lagoon of Kabuy Bay

 Day 2 Kabui Bay –Bat island – batangpele

07.00 snorkeling : Passage /cave –  Hidden bay , making a great start of the day with most fish and coral species.

10.00 Snorkeling : Bat Island

14.00 Snorkeling : Batang pele Island

18.00 Selpele Island reporting our visiting

19.00 rest in Aljui Bay

Day 3 selpele – Balak balak – CI station Wayag

08.00 Snorkeling and Tracking : balak balak island.

15.00 Snorkeling , feeding fish and playing with shark and several species of fishes : jetty CI-station of Wayag

19.00 rest in the lagoon of Wayag

Day 4 full day Wayag Island

07.00 Tracking : the mount of Wayag pos 1

13..00 Snorkeling and spend time on the white sandy beach in the lagoon of Wayag

15.00 Tracking : the mount of Wayag pos 2

04.00 leave for Pef Island

 Day 5 Wayag – pef – pam /piaynemo island

07.00 Snorkeling : Pef Island

10.00 Snorkeling : Melissa Garden and anita’s Garden

12.00 Tracking : Piaynemo the manta lagoon

14.00 Tracking : Piaynemo the star lagoon

16.00 Tracking : Piaynemo the 332 stairs

19.00 rest in the lagoon of Piaynemo

Day 6 Arborek – Mansuar, Kri Island –Gam island ,Friwenbonda

07.00  Visiting village : Arborek Island

08.00 Snorkeling-, feeding fish and playing with manta sandy : Jetty Arborek

12.00 Snorkeling and playing on the white sandy beach : Kri Island –pasir timbul

16.00 Snorkeling : Friwenbonda in the island of Friwen

Day 7 Gam island,Sawinggrai village

05.00 Tracking –watching Bird : Sawinggrai

08.00 Leave for sorong. Our journey has ended and we shall look forward to welcoming you onboard again.

please note : that any trip plan is subject to change based on the current,waves and weather in the region around raja ampat. strong current,for example,may mean that exact location and/or timing of the planned snorkels may have to be altered on safety grounds and to suit the local condition.

since we offer holidays exclusively it is always possible to discuss and agree an alternative itinerary following consultation with the captain and other guests.


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